When “ ” is no longer good enough

When "Normal" Is No Longer Good Enough -

Does this distribution pie look similar to your portfolio allocation? Have you asked why you have your assets and capital allocated into a specific distribution? 

  • The Academic Norm?
  • The Institutional Bias?
  • The Comfort of Familiarity?

- We embrace the "Innovative"

Innovative portfolio allocation models to help you invest and plan for both business and investment.

Distribution & Allocation in your portfolio should not be limited to cookie-cutter templates. Does your portfolio allocation reflect the current macroeconomic environment and expresses accurately your current view & strategy? 

Asset Classes represent different potentials in different times. Distribution/Allocation therefore, should be initiated with the premise of projections(forward-thinking) instead of solely historical bias.

DeciiPRO comes with an in-built allocation mechanism which will recommended a distribution between your assets/strategies with a formula that uses progressive variables such as: Potential Return, Potential Loss & Probability of Success.

When "Assumption" Is No Longer Good Enough -

Portfolio allocation has been historically thought through the lenses of distribution through assumed risk, assumed age-risk relationship, assumed asset class characteristics, assumed historical performance bias, etc. 

But the real dispute lies in the controversial acceptance & assumption that risk is volatility. It is not. Risk is not volatility.

DeciiPro Portfolio Allocation Models uses Potential and Probability to help you invest and plan.

- We embrace the "Absolutes"

DeciiPRO leaves nothing to uncertainty and embraces only Absolutes.

Probabilities and Potentiality makes the cornerstone of DeciiPRO's functionality. DeciiPRO examines the singular and the total and displays to you absolute factors backed by our innovative mathematical formulas.

Potential and Probabilities are pit against one another and with DeciiPRO's Allocation formula and algorithms, there's no space for assumption any longer in your financial planning.