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Decii Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-based private investment holding company incorporated in 2018. In Decii, convention is not the norm as we employ an array of unique strategies formulated to gain an edge against the markets. Understanding the basics is preliminary, Decii aims to shape its future with the conviction of ceaseless enterprise. 

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The DeciiPRO mobile application (“Application”) is a product created and copyrighted by Decii Private Limited ("Creator").

The Application does not save and store the users ("User") personal data into the Creator's possession or assets in any way or form. To save your data and models for the Application functions, the Application saves the data into the User's device ("Device"). The data you have inputted into the Application is accessible only through the User's Device through Core Data, a persistence framework provided by Apple, used to download and operate the Application. The Creator has not sought nor created any means that can access the data you have inputted into the Application. It is advised that any personal or confidential data that you may not wish to share be refrained from inputting into the Application.

The Creator believes in the security and privacy of the User and will never seek any personal information through the Application. The Creator will inform the User if there are any changes made to the Application's Privacy & Terms.

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DeciiPRO Website ("Website") is a website owned and created by Decii Pte. Ltd ("Decii"). 

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DeciiPRO Mobile Application

The DeciiPRO mobile application (“Application”) is a product created 
and copyrighted by Decii Pte. Ltd. ("Creator").

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The Application and its content are owned by the Creator and 
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The Application does not intend to constitute or replace the basis 
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The Creator reserves all rights to terminate the Application at any 
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